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Collection and delivery

We have the most modern vehicle fleet available for collection and delivery. All our vehicles are less than two years old and comply with the strictest regulations regarding noise and emissions.
This wide range of vehicles of distinct capacities is equipped with ramps and individual transport carts customised for each client.

The garments are collected from the client, moved to our industrial laundry facilities for treatment.
The client doesn’t need to worry about the collection or delivery, the confidence and quality of our deliver team along with the best quality controls guarantee a superb service.

Once the garments have gone through the process of washing, drying and ironing, passing through our quality systems, they are moved to our packaging services in order to be packaged for their perfect transportation, every item must be clearly classified and labelled allowing the tracking and control of all items from our laundry facilities.

Our delivery team will return the items by cart, directly to the location of each client who must be verified by our signed delivery control.
Our vehicle fleet allows us to attend to the demands of our clients with regularity and punctuality.

For more information or questions, please contact us.
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Collection and delivery