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Industrial laundry

The primary objective of our laundry service is to satisfy clients by delivering visibly clean textiles, free of stains and residues of any origin, dry and well-ironed.

At La Nucía Laundry Services we understand that every client has specific needs, therefore we examine each case so that we can offer a tailor-made service and comprehensive solution to all types of clients.

Our raison d'être is the quality of the service provided to our clientes.

Highlighted processes and machinery that differentiate us from other laundry services

In order to achieve our objectives we avail of:

  • The most modern facilities for laundry services, from tunnel washer to the packaging tunnel, passing through washers, dryers, roll presses, feeding machines, bed sheet and small item ironers, towel ironers, steam and thermal oil boilers, automatic product dosage system, etc.
  • A wide range of products and automatic dosage systems in order to add cleaning and hygiene products in any laundry process.
  • Cleaning programs designed depending on client needs
  • Complete control of the laundry process: programs, statistics, process analysis
  • Specialised training by our staff
  • Ongoing assessment in order to improve processes

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